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Jerk Chicken Wings

“There ain’t no thing like a chicken wing!”

Hot and Spicy Jamaican Jerk wings finished off with a Hot Sweet glaze.

This recipe uses the following Rasta Bros. products:
     Jamaican Jerk Marinade
Caribbean Heat Dipping Sauce & Glaze

  • 12 Whole Chicken Wings
  • Rasta Bros. Jamaican Jerk Marinade
  • Rasta Bros. Caribbean Heat Dipping Sauce & Glaze

Cut each chicken wing at the joint to make 3 pieces.  Discard the tips or use them to make stock.  Rinse the wings and pat dry.

“Season up” the wings by generously rubbing Rasta Bros. Jamaican Jerk Marinade all over chicken until thoroughly coated.  (I just throw them in a plastic zip lock bag, dump in a good amount of marinade and shake.)  Cover and refrigerate at least two hours.  Overnight is even better.

Jamaican Jerk ChickenJamaican Jerk Chicken

Slow cook wings on hot grill using indirect heat until juices run clear.

Brown wings directly over hot coals turning once.

Generously brush Rasta Bros. Caribbean Heat Dipping Sauce & Glaze over chicken.  Turn once and repeat and they be ready to eat!



You can pre-cook the wings by baking on an ungreased cookie sheet at 375 until chicken is cooked through but not browned (about 40 minutes).  Refrigerate until ready to grill, then brown over hot coals and glaze.

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